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5ft 7in Tall Halloween Animated Clown with Balloon Animatronic, Touch and Sound Activated, Built-in Lights, and Spooky Sound FX

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Squeakz the clown was exiled from the circus for terrifying the audience. This nightmarish clown feeds off of the fear in your soul. His terrifying laughter will echo in the subconscious of even the bravest people and haunt them for years to come. Squeakz is one scary halloween decoration. He will stay quiet lurking in the dark until someone is close enough and makes even the smallest noise. This awakens the monster and your unsuspecting victim is met with ghoulish phrases, glowing eyes and terrifying squirming motion. The perfect haunted house decorations or home Halloween animatronics.

Features and Specs:

  • 5.6 ft tall
  • 5 spooky phrases
  • LED eyes
  • Poseable
  • Scary Movement
  • Sound Activated
  • Holder For interchanging balloons


That’s it, come closer! I’ve got something for you and it’s not a balloon! Ahahahahaha!!!

Go ahead run away. I’ll just catch up with you later… in your nightmares!! Hahahaha!!

Hey, you look familiar. Maybe because I’ve been hiding under your bed. Wahahaha!!!

Right this way. The show’s starting. We wouldn’t dream of starting... without you. Hahahahah!

Oh! did I scare you? Good! You taste much better when you're scared! AHAHAHAH