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5ft 6in Tall Halloween Monster Hearse Lawn Inflatable, Bright Lights, Built-in Fan, and Included Stakes and Ropes

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Get ready for a night of tricks, treats, and magic with the Holidayana Halloween Inflatables!

Standing at 5.5 ft tall, this Monster Hearse will give your neighbors the heebie-jeebies! It comes with a large internal waterproof fan, so you can get it up and ready in under a minute.

Lure trick-or-treaters and wow guests by creating a haunted graveyard right in your front lawn. This Monster Hearse features Frankenstein’s Monster, Jack O’Lantern, and a Skeleton Hearse Driver. It has super bright and well-placed internal LED bulbs that turn it into a bewitching display at night.

Wherever you place it, the Monster Hearse will stay upright when properly set up. It comes with tie-downs, stakes, and ropes that secures the inflatable for any outdoor or indoor use.

These supersized inflatables can pump up your Halloween display with minimal work. Made with quality construction and materials, the Holidayana 5.5 ft Tall Halloween Monster Hearse Inflatable will be a Halloween staple for years!