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5ft 7in Tall Halloween Animated Creepy Old Lady Animatronic, Touch and Sound Activated, Built-in Lights, and Spooky Sound FX

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Old lady Betty traps the souls of children trick or treating through her neck of the woods. Souls of children are her special ingredient in her evil brownie recipe! Her terrifying cackle will haunt the souls of any passers by for years and years. Other animatronics toys do not compare! Betty will stay quiet, lurking in the dark until someone is close enough. When someone makes a little peep for a tasty treat they are met with ghastly phrases, glowing eyes and lunging motion. Whether using as haunted house decorations or scary Halloween decor for your home, Old Lady Betty will be sure to haunt!

Features and Specs:

  • 5 ft tall
  • 5 spooky phrases
  • LED eyes
  • Poseable
  • Scary Movement
  • Sound Activated
  • Candy Dish

Spooky Phrases:

  • Hehehehe! Let me show you the true face of halloween!
  • Is that a mask? wah hooooooooo
  • So you want some tricks?! Aahhhhhh hah ha!
  • Trick or treeeeeaaattt!!!! Aaaahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  • How about a kiss?! Ahahahahaha!!!